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Loose Weight And Boost Your Health With These Diuretic Foods

No one ever said maintaining the figure you want is easy. Not only does it take discipline and well maintained habits to eat healthfully but, for me, it entails peeing about three times at night! Why? Because one of the keys to being healthy is staying well hydrated and that doesn’t only mean with water. It’s very important to also eat our water via water-rich foods. Dr. Murad has a great book on this topic.


Gold Facts

In times of uncertainty, precious metals can provide you and your family with security and protection. The price of gold has risen 2% this week. The correlation between this new wave of buying and the price of gold appears to be positive, which indicates that the gold market is likely to bounce back after the … Continue reading “Gold Facts”


What Are The Best CBD Products For Pain Management?

The United States is not yet a medical marijuana state. Yet, it is important for people who are interested in self-medicating with CBD to know where to find products that are specifically formulated for their individual needs. That said, a great new resource is to be found in the United States. Last year, the National … Continue reading “What Are The Best CBD Products For Pain Management?”

Instant Whitening Mint Toothpaste - Luster Now!

Teeth Whitening is All I Can Muster for Vanity

I will never be skinny again. That ship has sailed. And honestly, at my age, fat is the scaffolding that’s holding up my face and filling in where the wrinkles would be. I’m just not willing to suffer for vanity the way I used to, there are things like eating that I now consider basic … Continue reading “Teeth Whitening is All I Can Muster for Vanity”

Puppy in basket

Get Your Lovable, Safe, Reliable Puppy at Puppy Spot

I got my new puppy and I am so in love, she is the cutest little thing in the world. But most importantly, she came healthy and well loved. My entire family is overjoyed, although she is a little pooper – potty training is whole other story! When I started my search for a new fur … Continue reading “Get Your Lovable, Safe, Reliable Puppy at Puppy Spot”

Designer Kitchen

Latest In Dream Kitchen Design

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve gone and what I’ve been doing, well, here it is. My newest passion – home design. More specifically, it’s my own home! Over the last year during the construction, I’ve had to make daily decisions about where and how to prioritize my resources, as well as, what is … Continue reading “Latest In Dream Kitchen Design”